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Why does Dr Aneela not take insurance?

Dr Aneela is now offering a more consultative-based practice to help empower her patients/clients. It involves and includes Jungian psychology, health coaching. She helps bring awareness of health on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She found the traditional health insurance model restrictive and finds that it often keeps people in endless loops of ‘sick care.’ If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on your health, please book an appointment! She is available in person or via Zoom.

What else is Dr Aneela up to?

After leaving a busy practice in January, she has shifted her focus to empowering women to find their truth. If you are interested in this program please call or email. She herself found herself going along to get along, burning herself out at both ends to meet expectations outside of her. She feels that many of the difficulties in the world today are because women have assimilated into the masculine world and have disconnected with their feminine nature and intuition. A place of true joy, connection and wonder. Once women can remember themselves, they can be an impetus for change in their local communities, institutions and indeed the world around them.


Can I see Dr Aneela after being released from the hospital?

Yes! One of Dr Aneela’s passions is patient advocacy and often one of the most precarious situations for patients is once they’ve left the hospital. If you bring your hospital records, Dr Aneela would be happy to review and interpret the medical language for you to understand fully your medical condition.

What are the ways I can connect with Dr Aneela?

You can like her facebook page or you can attend a QiGong class. Book a class today by clicking on the link above. You can also email her at to find out about local appearances. She often will deliver short health talks to inform individuals about healthy choices and overlooked challenges that may be undermining good health.